More than 100 Bramco workers have not received their salaries for over ten months now. After labour officials intervened, measures have been taken to sort out the matter.  Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) in Bahrain has been keenly following up and trying to reach basic groceries for these unpaid workers who have no money. Yesterday MWPS had visited these workers and had provided them fresh vegetables.

“The plight of these employees are really bad. They have not received their salaries now for up to 10 months and in fact, they are getting very little money such as BD10 and BD 20 which itself is not enough. Their accommodation is a stranded area where there is not even a small cold store there. They do have drinking water but there is not even a shop selling fruits or vegetables nearby” said   MWPS Head of Labour Safety and Welfare Committee Katib Zuhair to Albilad.

Katib Zuhair“There is a mosque nearby so on Fridays after the prayer there are people who come and sell fruits and vegetables to these workers. Right now that is the only source that they have so they are in a dire condition and we need to help them every way we can. Even if people can contribute little, that itself is a great thing for them” he added.

MWPS is collecting dry ration for employees of Bramco. Contributions of certain items such as rice, wheat flour, chana dal, masoor dal, cooking oil, powder milk, tea, sugar, and salt have been requested.

“As these workers themselves are struggling so much here they cannot even think of sending money back home in turn affecting their families. Now even if the workers decide to leave the salaries and just return to their home countries, that too seems to be impossible because most of these workers visa’s have also expired” said Katib Zuhair.