Friday 22nd of February 2019
World's biggest bee found alive
The world's biggest bee has been re-discovered, after decades thought lost to science. The giant bee - which is as long as an adult's thumb - was found on a little-explored Indonesian island
Work out with a friend to get THESE benefits - Strengthens your bond, aids weight loss and more
Very often, people feel that they would have gone to the gym if they had company. Many people find it more comfortable and motivating to workout or exercise with a partner or a friend
This California plant may hold promise for treating Alzheimer's
A potent neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory chemical in a native California shrub may lead to treatment for Alzheimer's disease, say, researchers. The plant called Yerba santa
DMK leader MK Stalin plays badminton with students
DMK president MK Stalin, today inaugurated an indoor stadium in his Kolathur constituency followed by playing badminton with the students there
PSN Sale Discounts Lots Of PS4 Games In EU
The January sales are over, new games are coming out, and everything's expensive again. But wait! A big new sale has appeared on the PlayStation Store in Europe, discounting plenty of great PS4 games
Louvre Abu Dhabi, New concept of international Museum
Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) organised a lecture entitled "Louvre Abu Dhabi, new concept of international Museum,"
Indigo, ash and time mark Nigeria’s centuries-old dye pits
A little indigo, a handful of ash and time. The dye pits in Nigeria’s ancient northern city of Kano are said to be the last ones of their kind after five centuries of existence
'Empire' actor goes from victim to accused felon in 3 weeks
The whispers about “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett started with reports that he had not fully cooperated with police after telling authorities he was attacked in Chicago by two men who hurled racist
BACA competition "Design Postage Stamp"
BACA in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication, the "Design Postage Stamp" competition is being held under the supervision of a specialized artist workshop will be at...
The Kingdom of Bahrain Arabian Saluki Show to be held under the patronage of HH Shaikh Mohamed bin Salman Al Khalifa
Under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Kingdom of Bahrain Arabian Saluki Show will be held on Friday 22 February, at the Endurance Village in Zallaq f...
Teen in Lincoln Memorial protest sues Washington Post for $250 mln
A high school student from Covington, Kentucky, sued the Washington Post for defamation on Tuesday, claiming the newspaper falsely accused him of racist acts and instigating a confrontation with a Nat...
Drug-to-steal suspect arrested
An Asian who has given sleep-inducing pills to passengers in order to steal them was arrested