Saturday 23rd of March 2019
Scientists Use Robots to Get Bees and Fish to ‘Talk’ to Each Other
Scientists found a way to get two different animal species — fish and bees — in two different locations to communicate with each other and reach a shared decision with the help of robots
Microsoft starts notifying Windows 7 users about end of support
Microsoft has started rolling out an update to Windows 7 that will notify existing users about the end of the support. The software maker is stopping support of Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020, and it...
Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S reportedly launching May 7th
Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S console will reportedly launch on May 7th. Windows Central has obtained documents that indicate this is the launch date, alongside leaked box art images that the site...
Huawei P30 Pro leaked photos reiterate specs and show off hot red color
Huawei is less than a week away from its next big flagship smartphone launch, so of course the torrent of leaks surrounding the upcoming P30 and P30 Pro has been full and comprehensive
Scientists reveal ‘Simplest Explanation’ about mysterious Oumuamua
There are a lot of mysteries around ‘Oumuamua, our solar system’s first known interstellar visitor. Scientists are still arguing about its nature. The latest theory about its origin suggests again tha...
Ecologists reveal glimpses of our grim future as result of global warming
The UN has recently published a troubling report on global warming suggesting that the temperature rise at the North Pole will be greater than anticipated in the coming years and that soon climate cha...
Apple launches new AirPods ahead of March 25 event
Apple on Wednesday launched an updated version of its wireless AirPods headphones, ahead of a March 25 event where it is expected to unveil a television and video service
NASA Reveals Big Surprises About Asteroid Bennu
Instead of a smooth surface sprinkled with a few large boulders, scientists discovered a rough, rocky planetoid spewing plumes of dust and gravel
This is how Apple made the original iPhone
“This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and half years,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s late CEO, as he introduced the original iPhone on January 9th, 2007
Scientists reveal all humans able to sense magnetic fields
Scientists believe that humans were once able to sense the Earth's magnetic field and use it for navigation purposes, just like many other living beings do, but eventually lost this skill
US racing China, Europe to develop first exascale supercomputer by 2021
American technology company Intel Corporation, supercomputer manufacturer Cray and the US Department of Energy (DOE) are trying to build the most powerful computer in the US, capable of processing 1 q...
‘No One Is Learning': Hacker offers new cache of data from 26 million people
Hacker Gnosticplayers has struck again, recently uploading the personal data of some 26 million people on a dark web marketplace for sale. This is the hacker's fourth sale since beginning a series of...