Sunday 20th of January 2019
Microsoft recommends switching to iPhone or Android as it prepares to kill off Windows phones
Microsoft says anyone who still uses its Windows 10 mobile platform should switch over to an iPhone or an Android phone
Massive Data Breach Leaks 772M Emails, 21M Passwords
New year, new you, new passwords: A massive data breach leaked 772 million email addresses and 21 million passcodes
Google Maps Speed Limit Signs Are Spotted in More US Cities
Google Maps is making its speed limit signs more accessible for drivers across the U.S
A new gravitational wave detector is almost ready to join the search
An up-and-coming detector called KAGRA aims to spot spacetime ripples by harnessing advanced technological twists: chilling key components to temperatures hovering just above absolute zero, and placin...
Russian scientists find defect in new heavy lift space rocket engine
Scientists have discovered a defect in the engines of Russia’s new flagship heavy lift space rocket that could destroy it in flight, an apparent setback to a project President Vladimir Putin has said...
Twitter warns that private tweets were public for years
Private tweets sent by users of Twitter's Android app could have been exposed publicly for years.Twitter said it had discovered a security flaw which meant "protected" tweets became public when some c...
The moon’s craters suggest Earth hasn’t erased lots of past impacts
A new look at the moon’s craters suggests the Earth and moon both suffered a sharp increase in impacts around 290 million years ago, and Earth has kept its biggest scars.
New ways to image and control nerve cells could unlock brain mysteries
Using laser light, ballooning tissue and innovative genetic tricks, scientists are starting to force brains to give up their secrets.
Surgeon in China used 5G network to operate remotely on animal
A doctor in China has become the first to perform remote control surgery over a super-fast 5G network.
Japan satellite blasts into space to deliver artificial meteors
A rocket carrying a satellite on a mission to deliver the world's first artificial meteor shower blasted into space on Friday, Japanese scientists said.
Saturn's rings are younger than the planet itself
Saturn's rings are younger than scientists thought and appeared within the last 10 to 100 million years, according to research published Thursday based on findings from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
The World’s Most Popular Coffee Species Are Going Extinct, Study Says
Researchers at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens say factors putting the future of coffee at risk include climate change, deforestation, droughts, and plant diseases