Saturday 25th of May 2019
No sign of fugitive who sought Facebook likes to surrender
Police in Connecticut say a fugitive has so far failed to honor an agreement to surrender once enough people responded positively to his wanted poster on social media.
Ford to debut two-legged robot postman which can deal with steps and uneven ground
The two-legged "autonomous delivery robot" known as Digit walks like a human, and can lift packages that weigh up to 18kg
Sweaty, vinegary and sweet odors mingle to make dark chocolate’s smell
The compounds that mingle to make the candy’s aroma include pleasant-smelling ones such as vanillin, which gives vanilla its smell, and flowery linalool.
Faulty cellular antennae may cause a heart valve disorder
Cells with faulty antennae that can’t get their signals straight may be behind a common heart valve disorder.
SpaceX launches the first 60 satellites in massive Starlink internet constellation
Tonight, SpaceX will attempt to jumpstart its ambitious internet-from-space initiative known as Starlink, by launching the first 60 production satellites of nearly 12,000 planned spacecraft into a low...
‘ScUber’ launches submarine trips to Great Barrier Reef
A select few Australians will soon be able to briefly book an Uber submarine to the Great Barrier Reef, the ride-sharing giant said on Thursday.
Archaeologists Discover Ancient 2,600-Year-Old Military Fortress in Egypt
An archaeological mission in Egypt has uncovered the remains of two towers of a military fortress dating back to the 26th Dynasty, the last native dynasty to rule Egypt before the Persian conquest in...
Google Algorithm Detects Lung Cancer Better Than Human Doctors
Google’s new AI model generates an overall lung cancer malignancy prediction and identifies subtle malignant tissue, or lung nodules—which are often imperceptible
Ouya will be shut down for good on June 25th
The Ouya gaming service and all games on the platform will cease functioning on June 25th, Razer has announced
SpaceX’s Starhopper moves closer to its first flight
SpaceX hopes to launch its Starhopper test vehicle skyward on its first flights soon. The short tests, which will take place out of SpaceX’s launch site in Boca Chica, Texas.
 Google apologizes for saving unencrypted passwords
Earlier this year, Facebook came under fire after it revealed that passwords of millions of its users as well as those of Instagram, which also belongs to the company, had been stored in plain text.
Pokemon Rumble Rush: Here's how to get it for your Android or iPhone
Pokemon Rumble Rush, the latest in the Pokemon Rumble series, launched on Android in Australia last week and globally Wednesday. It'll hit iOS soon, according to the game's site, and we'll update as w...