Sunday 18th of November 2018
Instagram accidentally exposed some user passwords through its data download tool
Instagram has notified some of its users that their password might have been exposed due to a security bug
Hotter than the sun: Chinese fusion reactor claims breakthrough
China’s “artificial sun” has reached a temperature of 180 million ºF with a heating power of 10 megawatts
Heavy heart as kilograms get redefined
Scientists have voted to change the definition of a kilogram after more than 100 years in a landmark decision.
Award for wartime flight trainer returned to service
A project to restore early flight simulators has won an award for the best computer conservation project.
Mini ‘solar panels’ help yeast shine at churning out drug ingredients
Bionic microbes outfitted with tiny semiconductor components can generate useful chemicals more efficiently than normal cells.
Home DNA tests doom anonymity for sperm, egg donors
All Ryan Kramer had to do was to swab his cheek and embark on nine days of genealogical research to identify his biological father, a man who thought he would remain anonymous when he donated his sper...
Coffee or tea? Your preference may be written in your DNA
People with a version of a gene that increases sensitivity to the bitter flavor of caffeine tend to be coffee drinkers, researchers report online November 15 in Scientific Reports.
Facebook to launch independent body for calls on content
Facebook announced Thursday it is creating an independent body to make potentially precedent-setting calls on what content should be yanked from the social network.
This exosuit can turn humans into strong lifting machines
The technology is aimed at giving a handy assist to professionals working in jobs which involve repetitive arm movements, allowing them to carry out their work with reduced risk of injury
This Italian Supervolcano Looks to Have Restarted Its Deadly Cycle of Fire
The findings suggest Campi Flegrei may have embarked upon a new magma cycle that poses ultimately hellish and devastating consequences
Instagram starts rolling out dashboard that shows how much time you spend on it
Instagram has started rolling out its own “Your Activity” feature, which includes tools for setting daily time limits and the option to temporarily mute push notifications
Instagram will now let users shop items from video posts
Users will soon be able to shop videos they see in their feed; save items to a specific “shopping collection” in their saved posts; and also shop business profiles more easily