More than 300 people attended a cardiac seminar which was conducted in various languages in order to cater to multi-national people.  With community organizations intensifying campaigns and seminars to spread awareness on healthy lifestyle, cardiac care group is one among the many making such difference.  Celebrating their first anniversary, member of parliament Sawsan Kamal of the capital second district inaugurated the event and addressed the gathering on the necessity of these campaigns in Bahrain.

In the month of February alone, four deaths were reported in Bahrain merely within a span of six days. Interestingly, the deaths reported were all of whom who were of ages below 50 and 40 respectively.

“We need to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our hearts. A healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons to have to fight heart disease. And even at the local level, ‘heart disease’ also topped the list of diseases that caused deaths in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the last two years” said Member of Parliament Sawsan Kamal of the capital second district.



“These are due to behavioural changes such as diet and physical activity. Therefore it is necessary to establish various seminars, conferences, exchange experiences and come out with the best results and studies and spread awareness amongst individuals” she added.

The seminar also demonstrated and showed a demo on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which ought to be done in an emergency situation. It is something that everyone must know how to do.

“In a minute, you need to give chest compressions at least 100 times. It may seem hard and not easy but you need to keep doing it until the ambulance arrives. Call 999, place your phone on speaker mode right next to you and you can listen to what the operator says and follow their instructions” said a hospital representative.

Half torso dummies were used to demonstrate what to do if a person collapses. People took turns to practice doing CPR  on the dummies and asked questions during the process.