Bahrain is seeing the expatriate community working hand in hand to help people deal with stress, financial situations and to cope with any issue that may possibly lead to people having suicidal tendencies.

Many migrant workers from Bangladesh attended a workshop that helped with stress management. The Bangladesh embassy in Manama has stepped out in launching several initiatives to help Bangladeshi workers in Bahrain through yoga and stress management sessions.

WARBE Development Foundation is a community-based organization (CBO) of migrants’ and a national non-governmental organization (NGO) of Bangladesh working in the field of migration and development. According to New Age, WARBE Development Foundation director Jasiya Khatoon emphasized that high migration cost put migrant workers in mental stress.

"It is urgently needed to find the real causes of suicide before determining pragmatic actions," she said. Khatoon demanded the government to ensure safe, secure and low migration from Bangladesh and help remove the stress of the migrant workers.

This month the embassy held a stress management workshop which was attended by employees of Pacific Aluminum Group in association with the art of living. Taking the session was Dr Rithin Raj who conducted the session the second time for the embassy.

“Over 10 years we have been able to train over 600 people to combat the number of suicides that have been reported. We conduct these courses annually to train more and more people in basic counselling classes” said PGF working chairman Pradeep Puravankara to Albilad.

The Indian Community Relief Fund –LIFE (ICRF –LIFE)  conducted a “Gatekeepers Training”, the first training program for volunteers who were willing to devote their time to assist needy Indian workers in Bahrain.

“The first initiative is to train people in the society who can identify people in depression and get back to us with a dedicated helpline number in place. We, in turn, reach out to these people in total anonymity and confidentiality” added Dr Babu who is also the General Practitioner at AMH Amwaj.