The Supreme Council for the Environment has confirmed that the mortality of fish in Ma'amir Canal which went widely viral on social media was caused by the weather conditions were a main factor that contributed to stimulate the negative effects in the sea water with low oxygen dissolved due to green algae and dramatically high temperature.

This came during the visit of specialists from the Supreme Council for the Environment to inspect the site and study the case taking samples of dead fish and sea water to identify the causes leading to this incident and complete analysis of the results of the samples in the laboratories of the Supreme Council.

The dead fish are very small fish locally called "Ofti" and live in shallow waters, which are not commercial fish, but because of their high sensitivity they are more vulnerable to the negative environmental effects that cause their death.

The Council, in coordination with the competent authorities in the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, removed the dead fish to avoid the spread of unpleasant odors.