According to the latest statistics of Information and eGovernment Authority, Bahrain has imported more than 82.9 thousand mobile phones from 9 countries with a total value of about 5.8 million dinars, during July 2019,

According to preliminary data issued by the customs affairs, the imported quantities increased by 41.4% compared to the same period in 2018, reaching 58.7 thousand devices, while the value increased by 30.7% to reach 4.4 million dinars.

According to the classification of imports by country in terms of quantity, China came on top of them with about 36.2 thousand phones worth 3.6 million dinars, followed by India with 22.2 thousand devices worth 888 thousand dinars, then Vietnam with 21.9 thousand devices with 1.1 million dinars, and Indonesia South Korea ranked fifth with 1.3 thousand devices worth 112.4 thousand dinars, then the United States with 5,000 devices worth 1.7 thousand dinars, two devices from Hong Kong worth more than 1.3 dinars, and the United Arab Emirates and Norway with only one worth 312 and 385 dinars.

In June 2018, the volume reached 58.7 thousand mobile phones with a total value of 4.4 million dinars, most of which are imported from China and Vietnam.

In the same context, the figures showed that 186 mobile networks and other wireless networks were re-exported last July worth 66.9 thousand dinars to the UAE.