US military leaders provided President Donald Trump “with a menu of possible actions against Iran” in a national security meeting on Monday, NBC News reported citing US officials and others briefed on the deliberations.

The range of options included a cyberattack or physical strike on Iranian oil facilities or Revolutionary Guard assets.

However President Trump asked for more options, seeking a focused response that wouldn’t draw the US into wider military conflict with Iran, people briefed on the meeting said.

The officials said no decision has been made and there were no indications that any US military action was forthcoming.

NBC also reported that the US Department of Defense is looking at options to increase its presence in the Middle East, by sending more forces and military assets to the Arabian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia promised evidence on Wednesday linking Iran to an unprecedented attack on its oil industry, which Washington also blames on Tehran.

Iran denies involvement in Saturday’s drone attacks on two Saudi Arabian oil facilities, which hit the world’s biggest crude processing facility.