Bahrain Society of Doctors (BMS), warned against passing the Bill proposal which allows the cultivation of tobacco on the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain under any pretext taking into consideration the kingdom’s leading position on international health indicators.

Dr. Al-Qasem pointed out that the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first GCC countries to combat against smoking and maintain the safety of citizens and residents from the danger of passive smoking, imposing high taxes on energy drinks and tobacco.

She pointed out that in some countries, governments refuse to provide health services to smokers with the same level as non-smokers. Therefore allowing tobacco cultivation in Bahrain is a major blow to efforts to spread health awareness in Bahrain.

“We are always used to campaigns that encourage sports, healthy food and maintain optimal weight, while emphasizing the importance of regular blood pressure, diabetes, triglycerides and other We are not accustomed to hearing calls like tobacco cultivation in Bahrain.”

She said that the economic benefits of this agriculture, in return for the harm to the health of a large number of members of the Bahraini society, and increase the volume of health spending on diseases caused by smoking.