The volume of Saudi exports to Bahrain forms 83% of the volume of trade exchange between the two countries. This was announced by the Bahraini-Saudi Joint Business Council headed by Executive Committee member of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Abdulhakeem Al-Shemeri

The statement noted that the total number of Saudi companies operating in Bahrain reached about 5,000 varied in business size between large, medium and small as for the end of 2018.

In the official statement, the Bahraini-Saudi Joint Business Council pointed out that the trade exchange between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain during the year 2018 amounted to about SR27 billion. Thus, the statement added, Saudi Arabia occupied the 12th position in terms of Bahrain’s list of trade exchange with other countries.

The statement highlighted that Bahrain is one of the most important trading partners of Saudi Arabia, which makes the trade privileges achieve a surplus for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Steel and iron products account for about 75% of the total Saudi exports to Bahrain, the statement noted. Followed by aluminum products, then dairy products, eggs, and plastic. This is, the statement indicated, in addition to the aluminum sector and its products which represent 23% of the goods imported from the Kingdom of Bahrain, followed by iron or steel.

According to BCCI’s statistics, the statement revealed, the private sector in both countries is working to strengthen cooperation to raise the volume of trade exchange to reach the levels of 2013, where the trade exchange between the two countries amounted to about SR44 billion.

It is noteworthy that the BCCI and the Bahraini-Saudi Joint Business Council are promoting cooperation to set up joint industrial projects, especially in the field of food security, and work jointly to identify investment opportunities in the two kingdoms, and work to overcome all the challenges and obstacles facing the increase of investments and the growth of trade between the two kingdoms, thus contributing to the aspirations of the governments of the two countries and their brotherly peoples.