More than 1,752 volunteers participated in the World Cleanup Day. A total of 8,710 kilos of plastic and other waste materials were collected as part of the clean-up initiative in 12 beaches in Bahrain according to the Philippine embassy reports. Organised by Clean-up Bahrain, the campaign sought to raise awareness in the Kingdom on the reduction of waste in beaches in Bahrain.

The clean-up campaign was held under the patronage of the Capital Governor, Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa. Hundreds of Filipinos gathered at the Al Najma Beach in Juffair, Manama as part of the Philippines Embassies participation in the initiative.

“I am one of many volunteers across 10 other beaches across Bahrain that are participating in this initiative. It is the biggest volunteering initiative in terms of attendance in the history of Bahrain. We were expecting around 16 volunteers but close to around 500 volunteers showed up” said Salman Slimway Farooq on social media.

“Now, of course, one cannot help but say why was there so much trash here, to begin with, and that’s something we are working on. That is something we are developing to prevent and raise awareness. The 500 people who came, their mentality, their perspective will totally shift and change as they have seen firsthand and helped” he further added.

Around 20 million people in 179 countries and territories joined cleanups at beaches, streets, forests and parks in a global effort to clean up waste from public spaces and nature. Many countries are yet to send in their number of volunteers and amount of waste collected.

World Cleanup Day 2019 started on the Pacific island of Fiji and ended 24 hours later in Hawaii. Cleanups were organised in countries and territories on all continents, including the Arctic, where a group of cruise operators along with passengers put aside their binoculars, rolled up their sleeves and collected litter from the Arctic beaches to combat marine plastic pollution.


  • Total volunteers: 1,752
  • Beaches Covered: 12
  • Plastic: 1,563.5 Kgs
  • General: 8,710 Kgs
  • Total: 10,273.5 Kgs in two hours