Eminent cardiologist and educator Dr BM Hedge conferred with the Padma Bhushan is set to arrive in Bahrain. Meeting scores of people from the Indian community, he will be the keynote speaker at an event this Friday.

Organised by the Indian Club Toastmasters, Dr (Prof) B M Hegde will give the keynote speech on ‘Health & Happiness’. The event is held in connection with the 30th anniversary of the toastmasters. Supreme Council of Health General Secretary Ebrahim Al Nawakhtha will be the chief guest of the event.

Speaking to the Hindu, he says “Health is about the environment you live in and the mind is the environment of the body. It’s not what you eat but what eats you (the thoughts) kills you,” he says. “The key is to cultivate positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive emotions. Quantum healing is the new method of healing. Your mind can heal you.”

“Health is in the mind and fitness is in the muscle. These are two different things but often confused as one. If someone is fit to run a marathon doesn’t mean he/she is fit to live a healthy life. Keep the enthusiasm in you alive, nurture positivity and cull negativity and you are healthy” he further added.

The top Indian cardiologist has been conferred with the George Fernandes Memorial Award, named after the late socialist leader and former defence minister.

Dr Hegde, a recipient of the coveted Padma Bhushan, is a visiting faculty at many universities and has also served as vice-chancellor of Manipal University. Dr Hegde was awarded for his outstanding contribution in the field of medicine and healthcare.