A man stranded in Bahrain has finally returned home today after being in Bahrain for over 36 years. Indian national Alosius Earnest arrived in Bahrain in 1983 to work. The 65-year-old had a travel ban imposed on him and since 2010 has not been able to leave the country. Due to his deteriorating health condition, Alosius had not worked for several years and been left with no options to return home.

In an effort to send Alosius to Kerala, the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) paid off his immigration fines and provided with petty cash. The Indian Embassy provided him with a ticket home while volunteer C K Rajeevan presented him with a travel kit.

In his open letter to the Embassy of India, he described the plight of his health which has been deteriorating over the years.

“For over nine years, I am stuck in Bahrain due to a travel ban case. My health condition is very bad, I cannot walk or get up from bed without someone’s help. I am a 65-year-old bedridden man with poor eyesight” reads the letter that Alosius has written to the Ambassador of India to Bahrain in May.

With no help at times, Alosius had struggled to even go to the bathroom, thereby leaving him in bed which he stated in his letter.

“I do not have money with me to settle the case and my family is also poor. My sister is ready to accept me in India. I have not worked for many years due to my health condition and legal status. Humbly requesting you to send me back home to my family” is written as the letter concludes.

This is not the first time, that the Bahrain NRI community and Bahrain authorities have helped stranded expats to return to their home country.

“I thank the Embassy of India to Bahrain, the government authorities of Bahrain for their continued support extended for the smooth departure of Alosius. For this, the embassy had provided with a ticket, ICRF provided the immigration fine and petty cash and volunteer Rajeevan provided a travel kit. I take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued humanitarian support extended for him” said World NRI Council Director for Humanitarian Aid GCC Region Sudheer Thirunilath.