The incredible rhythm of life that is seen in Bahrain is very unique, says Indian Filmmaker-politician Aryadan Shoukath to Albilad on his debut visit to Bahrain. He addressed a large gathering on Friday as part of the 6th IYCC Youth Fest 2019 organized by the Indian Youth Cultural Congress. With many initiatives and social walfare activities under their belt, IYCC is widely known for their political affiliation to the Congress party of India and for their extensive philanthropic initiatives in Bahrain. IYCC President Blessen Mathew also addressed the gathering during the Youth Fest held on Friday.

The award-winning Indian film producer and award-winning local state politician spoke to Albilad in an exclusive interview about Bahrain culture, people and films.

 “I had the opportunity to visit the Manama souq and interact with the people. Their concern for the lack of sales unlike earlier times was expressed but I found them very happy when comparing to other people in GCC countries. The reason for that would be their living standards here, humanitarian consideration given to them, values for their human rights and importantly the religious co-existence that we see in Bahrain” said Aryadan Shoukath who is the son of veteran Congress leader Aryadan Muhammed. 

“Comparing to other GCC countries, the incredible rhythm of life that I saw in these men was very unique and different than what I have seen elsewhere. To put it in words, I would say it was pleasant. The normal anxiety that every person feels when they think about the current economic situation and the future exists everywhere. In my interactions with the community here, I found that expats in Bahrain are less anxious and live life free of worry when you compare to any other country in the Middle East” he added.

Aryadan Shoukath’s intelligible style of Governance has earned high levels of reputation. Aryadan Shoukath transformed Govt. Manavedan Vocational Higher Secondary School making one of the most beautiful Child-Friendly Schools setting a benchmark for other Government schools in Kerala. 

His compassion for the poor and despaired strived him to provide “1000 Homes – Shelter for the Homeless” to the most needy. In an attempt to provide better medical facilities to the ordinary people he pioneered a project to expand the Nilambur Taluk Govt. Hospital’s inpatient capacity by constructing new blocks and making a well-equipped ICU. He initiated the first of its kind Kidney Dialysis Unit which is well equipped and self-sustained to give free kidney dialysis to patients.

Film is his passion

In his efforts to reach crucial messages to the public he has penned many scripts and transformed them into Cinema.

“Film is a platform that I use to convey strong messages to the public. My first movie was about child marriages in the Muslim community, the second movie was on Islamic militancy, the third movie was on the Gujarat riots and the fourth is about the current Indian scenario” he says. 

One of the short stories of Aryadan Shoukath called ‘Shahina’ was made into a cinema called ‘Paadam Onnu Oru Vilaapam’ (Lesson one A Wail) in the year 2003. The story was about the childhood marriage in the Muslim community and the story evolved from happenings around him. The movie received three National Awards and five State Awards. (Best Story, Best Actress, Best Social Welfare Film)

“All my movies are female-oriented because from childhood I have seen women shedding tears. My father is a politician so scenes of women wearing ‘Vella kaachi’ (white traditional attire) crying in front of him is something that I have seen even when I joined the political front. So I decided to bring that element into my movies” says Aryadan Shoukath

“I commend Bahrain for the freedom and importance given to women to work and to drive. We happened to go to King Fahad Causeway and at least five cars would have passed us with all being women drivers. It is no doubt that Bahrain can be a model that other countries can emulate” stated the filmmaker.