“The volume of trade exchange between Germany and the Kingdom of Bahrain amounting to about $477 million,” the German Ambassador to Bahrain, Kai Bockmann, told Al-Bilad newspaper.

He added that more than 50,000 German tourists visited Bahrain. He assured that the German Embassy in Manama granted more than 8,000 visas for Bahrainis to visit Germany in the same year.

The ambassador’s statement came in a press gathering hosted by the German embassy and the German National Tourism Office for the Gulf States at the Four Seasons Hotel. The event, attended representatives of the Bahraini tourism and travel sector, press and a number of social media pioneers, in cooperation and partnership with German Airlines Lufthansa aims to promote Germany as a unique year-round travel destination and highlight the latest 2020 tourist destinations.

“We are promoting tourism with Bahrain, and to invite more German citizens to visit Bahrain and see the archaeological, tourist and cultural monuments, and the development witnessed in Bahrain at the current stage, with the invitation to all tourists to stay to longer period of time, especially during the winter season, which is the most German tourists to come to Bahrain, expecting to see Formula 1 next season more German tourists in Bahrain, noting that more than 500 German citizens currently residing in the Kingdom,”

The German Ambassador stressed that the growing development in the relations between Germany and Bahrain in all fields, praising the distinguished diplomatic relations between the two friendly countries and they have been close and extended for nearly 50 years now. He noted that that mutual trade and cooperation in various fields between the two countries witnessed a noticeable increase in 2018.  

He confirmed that mutual relations will witness further development. He stressed that since he was appointed as an ambassador of Germany to the Kingdom, he has been working on developing and activating relations through many programs, inviting Bahraini tourists to visit Germany and enjoy the diversity it offers, which is an essential element, be it through its high-quality services, luxurious facilities or a vibrant atmosphere in every city.