Bahrain British Business Forum’s (BBBF) special interest group (SIG) for legal professionals in partnership with Newton Legal Group held a breakfast networking meeting and panel discussion about the recently introduced Reorganization and Insolvency Law in Bahrain which came into effect in December 2018.

The meeting was opened by Mark Gravener, the head of BBBF’s special interest groups. The expert panel of leading legal practitioners comprised Nicholas Williams (the head of BBBF’s Legal SIG and Partner at Newton Legal Group), Aamal Al Abbasi (Managing Partner at Newton Legal Group), and Ali Toorani (Associate at Newton Legal Group).


Nicholas Williams, the head of BBBF’s Legal SIG and Partner at Newton Legal Group.


The discussion provided helpful background information and insights into the law and its practical effects on businesses and organisations. The Reorganization and Insolvency Law is the primary legislation that regulates insolvency proceedings in Bahrain and therefore companies and businesses should be aware of its provisions. The panellists offered pragmatic guidance on potential insolvency and steps that should be kept in mind.

Newton Legal Group is often at the forefront of advising on new laws in the Kingdom of Bahrain and, in association with the Law Offices of Aamal Al Abbasi, is currently managing the largest reorganization case in Bahrain. Newton Legal Group also advises other companies, locally and abroad, on potential insolvency and reorganization.