As part of Northern Governorate’s preparations to celebrate the National Day and the anniversary of His Majesty the King's accession to the throne, the Governor of the Northern Governorate, Ali Al-Asfour, visited the location of the fishing competition on the coast of the Al-Malikiyah, which is scheduled to be on Saturday (December 7th).

On this occasion, the governorate invites those wishing to participate in the competition to register on Wednesday and Thursday, 4 and 5 December at the governorate building on Janabiya highway, where the governorate allocated valuable prizes to competitors in the first three centers for the most yield, the largest Hamour fish, the largest Cobia fish, and the largest fish King.

The competition includes side events and entertainment program, and events and awards for the public, as it will begin at two o'clock in the afternoon next Saturday, where the invitation is open for all.

It is noteworthy that the governorate plans to launch a package of programs and events in various areas, with valuable prizes and various paragraphs, celebrating the national day and will continue from 7 to 28 December.