The Northern Municipality has recently conducted a massive road occupancy violation campaign in Salmabad. This was announced by the municipality through its official website and social media accounts.

Officials at the municipality stated that the removal of violations was carried out by the cleaning department of the municipality through its daily and periodic campaigns. They added that this comes to ensure the flow of traffic and to preserve the aesthetics of the region. They noted that the removed and confiscated items varied between goods of street vendors, posters and abandoned vehicles, construction violations, abandoned and fallen houses, dead animals, vehicle sunshades and iron poles.

They assured that it conducts periodic campaigns to monitor and remove these violations, between the morning and evening throughout the northern governorate, according to a well-studied plan to reduce municipal violations and make the capital governorate a more beautiful place.

In a statement, the municipality explained that the continuation of these campaigns comes as a continuation of their efforts to reduce phenomena contrary to public cleanliness and abusive to the public appearance, stressing the need to implement the articles of a law decree law No. (2) of 1996 on the occupancy of public roads, and the advertising law stipulated by Law No. 14 of 1993 on Dealing with violating advertisements and tightening control over violators.

It stressed that these campaigns are still continuing and will reach all the streets and roads of Manama and the surrounding areas of the capital, in cooperation with the team of cleaning and control and inspection.

The municipality said it welcomes receiving all communications and complaints through the national system of complaints and proposals “Tawasul” or through messages through its official media accounts  or by calling (17983031), or personal attendance to the municipality building in Manama or through the website