Necessary procedures will be taken to facilitate crossing of passengers across the causeway during the mid-year vacation. This was announced by the King Fahad Causeway Authority (KFCA) through its official social media accounts and website.

KFCA officials stressed that there would be no traffic jams nor long waiting lanes during the vacation period, which usually witnesses the passage of large numbers of travelers.

KFCA CEO, Emad Al Muhaisen, confirmed that the flow of traffic will be taken into consideration in the Bahraini and Saudi sides through joint and continuous coordination by all departments working on the causeway on both sides. He noted that the number of passengers crossing the causeway may reach 30 million.

KFCA CEO, Emad Al Muhaisen concluded that it was usual for the causeway to receive large numbers of travelers during the vacations. He explained that the year 2019 registered a significant increase during the mid-year vacation or as it called spring break. He predicted that the number is expected to increase by up to 8% this year.