Malaria and insect control teams started intensive campaigns to spray insecticides after the recent rains. This was announced by the Ministry of Health through its official social media accounts and website following massive complaints by citizens and residents as well as the media.

The ministry added that the Environmental Health Department of the Public Health Department at the ministry focused on the areas and villages of the northern governorate that are located in the Green Belt where the mosquitoes were heavily spread.

The ministry noted that campaigns include the treatment of swamps and gatherings of rainwater with special pesticides to control mosquito larvae, drab spray and ultrafine spray to control flying insects.

The ministry explained that its teams sprayed in the Malikiyah area in blocks 1027, 1032, 1033, 1034. It assured that spraying campaigns will continue successively to cover all areas where mosquito density increased due to rain pools.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health is working in cooperation with the concerned authorities to combat disease and insect vectors. The ministry confirmed that these efforts were part of its series of health and treatment services provided in order to preserve a healthy environment for citizens and residents.