Some cold stores increased the price of some items unreasonably and suddenly. Customers exclusively told Albilad newspaper.

They added that they were surprised with an increase in price, 25 to 50 fils, in some items. They explained that when they asked the Asian worker about that increase, he told them that the company raised the price of the box and the owner of the cold store asked him to increase the price.

The customers, they noted, then went to another cold store for the same owner in the same area and the prices were increased and the answer of the worker was the same.

For its part, Albilad newspaper contacted the providing company the items to learn about the reality of the price increase. An official source in the sales department, who did not wish to reveal his name, stated that the company did not change its prices since 2008.

The company staff stated that it was a personal action by the cold stores’ owner to increase the profit especially. He noted, if the owner was is not registered in the Value Added Tax (VAT). The owner, the staff explained, might believe that his profit is small compared to the increase in the prices of electricity, water, and other costs. He pointed out that the company grants each supermarket that buys large quantity free boxes of the items bought and the purchase price was always lower than the selling price.

When the sales department staff was asked about whether the owner has the right to raise the juice price or not without being held responsible or questioned by the providing company or the Consumer Protection Department, he answered that he couldn’t answer this question because it was not in his specialty.