A recent statistic released by the Public Transport sector in the Ministry of Transportation and revealed that the number of public transport passengers in Bahrain reached 1031,459 passengers during December 2019.

The ministry pointed out that the number of public transport passengers during the period from February 2015 to last December, amounted to about 52286589 passengers, which confirms that the ministry is continuing to implement plans and projects that will develop the transportation sector in Bahrain within its strategy in developing the mass transport network and public utilities, improving its services and providing structures Support infrastructure.

It is mentioned that the Ministry developed more smart services and provided new digital services to keep pace with the development witnessed by the digital sector in the world in various fields of transport and communications in implementation of a strategy towards the digital trend.

The Ministry aims to provide effective and efficient public transportation in Bahrain to attract all members of society, which enjoy high-quality operating standards in terms of customer service.

The Ministry has developed a strategic plan that aspires to provide the best public transportation services for bus users, which includes increasing the coverage of the bus network.