The Court of Cassation rejected an appeal by a thief who stole an amount of 60 dinars by force using a firearm aimed at the head of an Asian victim working in Grocery shop in Sanad, and who is sentenced to 5 years in prison after having been his 10 years sentence reduced earlier.

The details of the incident began after two Asians reported an attack on them in their Grocery shop in Sanad, when 4 masked persons in a black car invaded the shop and manage to steal a sum of money from them, and one of them said that he was surprised at 3:10 pm by the masked men entering and closing the door, while the others came and shouted at him, asking him to hand over the money in their possession, while one of them put a gun on his forehead and threatened him with it, the worker indicated that the other person was holding a knife placed in his back, which caused him to fell on the ground, and they were able to steal 60 dinars that were in drawer before runnig aways in a matter of minutes.