To cater to the rising demand due to huge boom in the UAE’s eCommerce sector, ArabClicks -- a leading performance-based marketing platform that helps e-commerce companies connect and grow in the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets – on Wednesday opened its new office in Dubai.

While inaugurating the company’s new office at Business Bay in Dubai, ArabClicks Co-Founder and Chairman Khaled Al Huraimel said:

“In eCommerce, AI is efficiently and effectively supporting business growth with automated systems and recommendations that dramatically improves the experience of shoppers and facilitates online penetration. This joins our existing set of advanced tools – such as the ArabClicks mobile app, and positions ArabClicks as the leader in advanced e-commerce solutions and groundbreaking AI systems based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Arabic.”

“One of our advanced offerings is ArabClicks Word Converter™ - a proprietary new system that enables our system to read, understand sentiment and create automated eCommerce focused links from within any publishers' site,” Al Huraimel added.

On his part, ArabClicks Co-Founder and CEO Mauro Romano, said:

“Although the rate of eCommerce sector growth has slowed down in Europe and the US to around 15 per cent per annum, the UAE growth in 2019 was 23 per cent. The only way to capitalise the increased activities in the sector and meet the clients’ requirements is to expand our presence.”

The opening ceremony of the new office was attended by government officials, VIPs, CEOs of the companies operating in the eCommerce sector and media representatives. The new office at Business Bay is located in The Opus building, which is designed by award winning architect Zaha Hadid.

Emphasising the role of ArabClicks as a key player in the e-marketing sector within the Middle East region, Romano said:

“Our company acts as an online platform, connecting a myriad of traffic sources to eCommerce merchants, enabling online retailers across the region to maximise their audience size and potential revenue, while empowering publishers and influencers to profit from their digital assets, content and audience-base.”

“Ecommerce has become one of the crucial and most effective growth drivers in the region. Interestingly, ArabClicks is situated at the centre of this extremely important and rapidly growing ecosystem. Therefore, we are making our team stronger, technology more efficient and presence wider by opening new offices to serve our clients and public in a better way,” he highlighted while welcoming the guests at the Business Bay office inauguration ceremony.

The CEO mentioned that last year, eCommerce in MENA region grew by 20 per cent to around $34 billion with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt leading from the front. About 48 per cent of the population in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are shopping online. Again, more than 50 per cent of online shopping starts through a search engine, influencers' portals and comparative websites, he added.

Dubai-based ArabClicks pairs local and global, best-selling brands and services with online publishers and social influencers providing them with the opportunity to monetise their content by promoting these brands, products and services across channels such as websites, mobile applications, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs and other social channels.

ArabClicks also leads in artificial intelligence technologies, which is hugely impacting online and interactive businesses not only in the region but across the world.

The company’s key products include ArabClicks Word Converter™ and Arabclicks SmartLink™ that turn any hyperlinks into a source of revenue generation without altering the user experience.

While ArabClicks Word Converter™ scans website content and makes online links embedded in a publisher's content generate income, ArabClicks SmartLink™ enables publishers and influencers to monetize commercial links across all of social networks and channels, the company said, adding that the unique feature of Arabclicks SmartLink™ also allows content creators to tweet, post share and send revenue-generating links to anyone anywhere.