The first criminal high court rejected the appeal of a teacher who caused a broken tooth of a student. Details of the case, upon court’s documents, indicated that the teacher forced the student to enter the classroom by pushing him and the student fell and broke one of his teeth.

The Public Prosecution charged the teacher with assault the victim’s body and caused the injuries described by the attached medical reports. The assault, the Public Prosecution added, led to a permanent disability without intending to cause it as a fracture of one of the upper jaw teeth, which amounted to 1%. 

The court stated that the victim was present in his school outside the class, the appellant came to him and asked him to enter the classroom, and during the student’s entry, the teacher pushed him forcefully from the back, which led to the fall of the victim and hit a table. This, the Public Prosecution noted, led to one broken front tooth in the upper jaw, and upon that the school administration called the victim’s mother to take him to the hospital.