The Life and executive coach Abeer Al Matooq stressed that people who have emotional stability and inner balance are able to transform the challenging conditions imposed by the corona pandemic into an opportunity to enhance communication with family and friends and even provide psychological and social support to people in their surroundings, instead of being boredom, incompatibility and complaints that lead to mental health deterioration, and the disintegration of the family and society.

Al Matooq warned against negligence in addressing psychological crises that may afflict parents and children as a result of the conditions that coronavirus imposed on Bahrain, the region and the whole world. She affirmed that These are unprecedented conditions in history, where the world sits locked up in its countries and homes, no travel, no trips, no departure from the house except for the most urgent, in addition to the fear of the unknown, fear of the fate of the economy, work and society and the fear of coronavirus infection, and possibly death.

"We do not want family and marital problems to increase, nor to isolate children, and to harm an entire generation, but let us think more flexibly, to seek solutions, so that we have sufficient clarity. All of this needs a firm ground to rely on, this ground is our soul and inner potentials, not the ever-changing external world. " Al Matooq added.

Al Matooq indicated that the current corona crisis is a phase that will pass, no matter how long it takes, and what is important is to get out of it psychologically, mentally and emotionally sound. She additionally noted that people vary in their psychological solidity, and their response to challenges and calamities varies between degrees of resilience and collapse.

"Covid-19 is an opportunity that invited us to rearrange our priorities and reconsider our way of life, get out of the routine and develop creative ways to enjoy life. A person should master dealing with himself first, before he tried master dealing with people.” Al Matooq confirmed.

She noted that the shock caused by coronavirus globally as a whole was never expected, and this provides us further evidence that there is nothing constant in this life but change, and that we have to be flexible to be able to adapt to changes in our lives, no matter how violent or unexpected.

Al Matooq launched a virtual program entitled "21 days for balance", it has widely spread breaking the records in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to reaching huge number of followers, fans in the Gulf and the countries of the Arab region and non-native speakers from around the world.

In the same context, she drew attention to the increased number of Bahrainis who are seeking guidance to support them overcome the current challenges of coronavirus for themselves and their families.

"Through this program, I discovered the absence of cordial and warm conversations among many couples whose communication is limited to the necessities of running the routine life of the family. Some couples have not sat together for one hour to talk about their emotions and express mutual interest. This can be exacerbated by the current corona crisis, or the couples can invest this crisis in promoting what might be called true partnership and friendship between them. These topics will constitute the basis for upcoming programs to be launched.” Al Matooq said concluding her statement.