The Bahraini Red Crescent Society (BRCS) has concluded a campaign to deliver Ramadan aid to about four thousand five hundred families in diverse regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain, according to the records of underprivileged families registered on the Society’s lists.

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society this year delivered in-kind assistance to eligible families in their homes, instead of inviting those families to attend the Society’s headquarters as was the practice every year, as part of the precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus "Covid-19."

The volunteers of the society made great efforts in delivering this aid to needy families in their homes in 73 regions, villages, cities and governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where they distributed themselves to small teams and worked to deliver aid during the evening after Iftar, wearing masks and gloves, and ensuring social distancing.

The volunteers were very keen to deliver aid to underprivileged families directly, despite the difficulty of reaching everyone, especially since some of the beneficiaries did not inform the Society of their recent addresses. The distribution schedule included specific days allocated for each region to ensure the smooth and smooth distribution process.

The distribution of aid to needy families in these difficult circumstances is further evidence of the Red Crescent Society's endeavor to support the Bahraini community, especially since reaching more than four thousand homes in different regions of Bahrain is a very challenging task.

The volunteers worked to deliver this aid to the worthiest families, meet their needs, and preserve their humanity and dignity, benefiting from the experience and deep knowledge of the Red Crescent Society for more than years regarding the requirements of needy families.

The company "Express Rent a Car” put about 14 cars from its fleet for free at the disposal of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society to distribute this aid, and a number of famous social media celebrities and a number of athletes participated as volunteers in the delivery of this aid.

Mr. Mubarak Al Hadi, “BRCS” Director-General/Act General Secretary, praised the efforts of the volunteers of the Society who work tirelessly to distribute aid to eligible families, despite all the challenges, including the difficulty of reaching a number of families whose addresses have been changed, and the necessity of strict adherence to the precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus. and said that delivering this aid required double the efforts of the Society to fulfill its obligations this year to needy families, under the slogan "giving with dignity."

“We also thank “Express Rent a Car” company and all the Society’s partners for their support, and we urge companies and institutions operating in the country, as well as beneficiaries of citizens and residents to provide their hoped-for donations for the success of this aid program in the same way this year as it did in the previous years.” Al Hadi said concluding his statement.