“Visitors to the smoking cessation clinics in the ministry reached 673 people during 2019,” stated Head of Smoking and Tobacco Control Group at the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, and a member of the National Committee to Combat Smoking and Tobacco, Dr. Ejal Al-Alawi, to the media. 

She added that the number of visits reached 1367 in the same year. 

Dr. Al-Alawi, who is an oral & maxillofacial surgery specialist, noted that the rate of tobacco cessation among clinic visitors reached 52.6%. She explained that 54% among those were over the age of 18 and 46% were under the age of 18.

On the occasion of the “World Day to Combat Smoking and Tobacco”, Dr. Al-Alawi noted that that the ministry had two clinics to help people quit smoking. She encouraged all to visit the centers and assured that all could quit with the proper help they would get in the ministry’s centers. She xplained that he first center was in Hoora area while the other was and Hidd area. 

She added that there were also mobile clinics to quit smoking.