“A total number of 27 seizures to unoriginal materials were made last year,” revealed Director of Sea Ports Customs, Major Abdullah Subah Al Dosari, in an official statement to the media. 

He added that more than 170 seizures were made in inspections and more than 800 violating customs declarations were discovered. 

He stressed that Sea Ports Customs made huge efforts to facilitate the movement and receiving tourist ships and increasing the number of tourists through seaports in coordination with the competent authorities. 

Major Al-Dosari noted that the number of tourists and ships was constantly increasing, as the number of tourist ships that docked at Khalifa General Port last year were about 62 ships and the total number of passengers reached 67,516 thousand passengers. He stressed that the Sea Ports Customs sought the development in the electronic field, in order to detect any illegal operations and smuggling operations, as a special device was recently installed to detect containers without the need to inspect the goods completely, in addition to using the best security cameras techniques to monitor the sidewalks and stores around the clock.

Director of Sea Ports Customs explained that the administration has provided modern detection devices to check travelers’ belongings and devices for examining people, which contributed to facilitating the smooth flow of passenger highlighting a civilized image of the Kingdom and reflected the comfort of travelers coming or leaving the Kingdom.