A total of 39 abandoned cars parked in public areas have been removed over the past 2 weeks, the Southern Municipality revealed. It is part of a campaign targeting car owners who had been notified of their violations but failed to remove their vehicles or report to the municipality to rectify the situation.

The municipality said that the complaints from citizens and residents about abandoned cars near in residence areas on the side of the road in neighborhoods.

The ministry based this on Article (7) of Law No. (10) to notify the owners of these abandoned vehicles to remove them within 48 hours, and the warning is to be adhered on the cars stipulating the grace period.

According to the directives of the minister and the undersecretary for municipal affairs, this campaign is part of a series of campaigns by the municipality to control violations of road occupations that cause damage to the environment and the urban and aesthetic nature of the areas.

The municipality stressed that it will carry out more campaigns to remove all kinds of violations in various areas of the governorate, where such violations will cause damage to traffic and distort the general appearance.