Indian expatriates in Bahrain unable to return to India owing to financial distress has been thrown a lifeline. The Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) has initiated travel fare assistance for Indians in Bahrain who are in genuine need of return flight fare to India.

 “We feel this initiative serves a very worthy cause at the time of a real need we have been supporting the individuals to join back their family and meet their loved ones. If anyone who is in need to travel back to India and cannot afford the flight tickets, please get in touch with any of the ICRF members or Regional Forum members who are ready to assist the deserving parties to travel to any destinations in India” stated ICRF Chairman Aruldas Thomas.

He reiterated that numerous organizations in Bahrain have chartered flights repatriating expats making sure individuals are not stranded in Bahrain amidst the prevailing situation.

In line with this, ICRF has formed an approval committee involving three senior members namely P S Balasubramanyam, Adv. Madhavan Kallath and Mani Lakshmanamoorthy. The panel will provide partial or full financial support to individuals who are flying to any destinations in India through Vande Bharat mission.

“ICRF and its team of selfless volunteers are doing our best in supporting the needy community. ICRF’s Flight Support Mission and Webinar Talk shows will be of great help for individuals at the time of distress” Aruldas added. 

The community organisation has been helping distressed members in the community in many different ways ever since it launched its special initiatives during the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. 

Initiatives include distribution of Awareness flyers and antibacterial soap, Food ration distribution, Reusable Face mask distribution, Awareness on ICRF LIFE for depression and Mental well being, publishing videos on how to protect one from COVID-19, Family Welfare Fund disbursements etc. ICRF has also designated special teams, selected from various states of India who are in the forefront to address the need from our community.