Lt. Col. Dr Ahmed Mohammed Al Ansari, Project Manager of Public Hospital Autonomy at the Supreme Council of Health, reviewed COVID-19 indicators during a press conference yesterday.

He noted that the doubling time, the time that it takes for cases infected with the virus to double, for total cases stood at 21-days until June 19 with no doubling occurring during the past 18 days to date.

The doubling time between Bahrainis stood at 12 days on June 13 with no doubling occurring during the past 24 days. The doubling time between expatriate workers stood at 21 days on June 4th with no doubling occurring during the past 33 days.

Al Ansari explained that the percentage of new active cases compared to recovered cases ranged between 0.6% to 1.4% new cases for every new recovery, an average of 1.2%, compared to 0.7% to 1.9% during the first two weeks of June.

Al Ansari then further noted that the average percentage of positive tests in the past two weeks ranged between 4.3% to 10%, with an average of 6.5%, compared to 4.7% to 9% for the period 1-14 June.

Turning to the basic reproductive ratio for the past 2 weeks, Al Ansari added that it ranged between 1.1 and 1.4, a significant decrease compared to the period between 1 to 14 June. A ratio of 1 is necessary in order for Bahrain to successfully overcome all COVID-19 challenges, he highlighted.