Scores of construction workers in Bahrain toil under the summer heat every day. Fruits and water bottles were distributed to around 150 construction workers at the Toyota Commercial Plaza worksite in Tubli.

The initiative was carried out by the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) as part of its efforts to support the Labour and Social Development Ministry’s campaign to keep workers hydrated and safe during the summer.

The ICRF Thirst Quenchers has planned this weekly event until the end of August in various worksites as they are one of the most affected, toiling under the summer heat.

“The basic purpose of such activity is to teach workers on the importance of drinking water and encourage them on how to be healthy during the summer. This is the 5th year of ICRF Thirst Quenchers distribution of water and bananas” stated ICRF.

Last year, the 10-week series saw more than 2,150 workers being provided with water and fruits by ICRF Thirst Quenchers. ICRF volunteers have also distributed face masks and anti-bacterial soaps, along with flyers that explain the measures that can be followed to stay safe during COVID-19.

ICRF Chairman Aruldas Thomas, ICRF Thirst Quenchers convenor Sudheer Thirunilath, ICRF Volunteers Nasser Manjeri, Muralikrishnan, Sunil Kumar, and Pavithran Neeleswaram were present at the event yesterday.

Bahrain has issued the annual ban, prohibiting outdoor work from midday until 4 pm during July and August months which aims to safeguard workers’ health, ensure their safety against heat exhaustion and sunstroke as well as prevent summer-related diseases.