Analysis of opposition bowlers forms a huge part of preparation for batsmen in the modern game. Similarly Indian captain Virat Kohli explained that before every delivery even he analyses the small details about the bowler.

Speaking to teammate India Mayank Agarwal on 'Open nets with Mayank', Kohli opened up about his routine.

Kohli, who has 70 tons across formats, said that before facing the ball he checks how the bowler is holding the ball, his wrist position, or recalls the body language of a bowler to pick up clues about what might be coming his way a few seconds later.

"I analyse everything about the bowler. If he had bowled a certain kind of delivery what was his body language at that time, was something different from his run-up or something was different with his wrist. Is he holding the ball in a different way? I have done that many times," said Indian skipper during the candid chat with Mayank.

"And that's a very amazing feeling when the bowler bowls where you had thought and then you smash it out of the park. Also for that, you need to be aware of what might he bring. When you are too focused on your fears you cannot notice anything you are just worried about 'out nhi hona'. But when you are ready the fear goes away and you think how can I make the use of what best in front of me to come on top in this situation," he added.

Kohli, who is considered to one of the most prolific run getters, has scored 7,240 runs in 86 Tests with 27 centuries and 22 half-centuries. In 248 ODIs, he has amassed 11,867 runs with an average of 59.33.

Kohli and Mayank would soon be seen in action for Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab respectively in the Indian Premier League (IPL) starting from September 19.