“Demand for swimming pools is still weak if compared to the same period of last year,” a number of swimming pools’ owners told Albilad Newspaper. 

They added that they had to reduce rent prices in order to increase demand. 

A swimming pool owner, Hussein Al-Sunaini, assured that weak demand was expected as, he noted, people would still be afraid. He said that there were some reservations, but considered weak if compared with previous years. 

“Two weeks are left for the month of Muharram where reservations usually stop or decrease. Two weeks or 15 days is certainly a short period,” 

Another swimming pool owner, Tawfiq Muhammad, indicated that there were some calls for reservations, but he confirmed that that the demand remained weaker than before. He pointed out that he had reduced prices by a small amount due to the current conditions. He expected the demand to increase after the month of Muharram.