Lebanon’s foreign ministry sent a cable to its ambassadors abroad after the deadly Beirut explosions directing envoys to use the opportunity to garner support for Lebanon, diplomatic sources have confirmed.

“As the explosion at the Port of Beirut turned into an international topic, global media outlets rushed to cover,” the event, the cable seen by Al Arabiya English read.

Specific directions were given to ambassadors and they were given permission to accept interviews with foreign outlets with specific instructions.

Affirming the need to wait for the investigations to conclude the cause of the explosion was the first order, signed by the ministry’s secretary-general Hani Chemaitelly.

Focusing on the “massive destruction” as a result of the explosion, “with the target of feeding the wave of unity with Lebanon,” was another order.

The cable also said that international support was needed and focus should be centered on helping revitalize state institutions “in order to place Lebanon on a track of stability.”