Over 9,133 Covid-19 tests were conducted on Sunday (09 August) health officials confirmed.

The Ministry of Health detected 382 new cases of the COVID-19 in foreign workers, contacts and some from recent arrivals to the island kingdom, according to health officials.

Health officials said that 165 expatriate workers were detected with the virus in the past 24 hours, 214 others were infected from local contacts of active cases while 03 are travel related.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that 418 patients recovered from coronavirus bringing the total number of recoveries in the country to 40,967 so far.

The latest update (09 August) reveals that there are currently 90 Covid-19 cases receiving treatment, of which 36 are in a critical condition. Over 2,846 cases are stable out of a total of 2,882 active cases. The total number of discharged recovered cases totals to 40,967.

Bahrain has conducted over 902,059 tests. Bahrain reported the death of a 44 year old male expatriate from coronavirus yesterday, taking the death toll to 162.