A number of abandoned cars parked in public areas have been removed in the first half of this year, the Northern Municipality revealed. 


This comes within campaigns to reduce the phenomenon of "scrap" cars in the governorate.


The campaign managed to target a total of 1113 scrap cars or those that were parked for sale on the side of the roads.


According to the New Cleanliness Law No. (10) of 2019, several campaigns have been organized to remove abandoned vehicles in the Salmabad according to a timetable, as 17 inspection campaigns have been carried out since the beginning of this year, as a result of which 113 cars were removed, and 1,000 notifications were issued for some workshops and garages, stating the necessity of removing the cars in preparation for taking the necessary municipal measures regarding them.


The municipality called on everyone to cooperate in this regard, indicating that the responsibility for preserving the environment and traffic is a common responsibility.


The municipality stressed that it will carry out more campaigns to remove all kinds of violations in various areas of the governorate, where such violations will cause damage to traffic and distort the general appearance.