“The Kingdom of Bahrain has advanced 12 global centers in the speed of home broadband in the past 6 months,” this was confirmed by Speedtest which is a renowned internet speed measurement website. 

According to the globally known website, Bahrain has reached the 84th position in the world compared to its 96th place last February.

At the level of GCC, the website noted, Bahrain maintained its position in the 3rd position despite its progress globally, as all GCC countries were characterized by high-quality in-home broadband. The UAE was ranked first in the GCC and 27th globally, second, came Kuwait in the GCC and 37th position globally. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was in the fourth in the GCC and in the 47th position globally, followed by the Sultanate of Oman in the fifth in the GCC and in the 79th position globally.

It is noteworthy that Singapore topped the list globally, followed by Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, and Romania.