The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Bahrain announced that it had received the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)’s “Recognised for Excellence 4 star level” Award, becoming the first organisation in Bahrain to have received such an honour.

The TRA began the work towards meeting the EFQM’s requirements in 2013 where an assessment team from their headquarters in Belgium set forth recommendations that would help the TRA qualify for recognition which lead to the first milestone, receiving the certificate for “commitment to excellence”, and becoming members of EFQM. TRA set a work plan based on EFQM’s recommendations that target areas of focus such as leadership, strategy, people, and stakeholders.

Between 2013 and 2017, TRA began a number of strategic projects that would bridge the gap towards excellence including the development of a strategy system, leadership program, career development program, succession planning, performance management system, reward system, and a number of other major projects that impacted their results to a point where the TRA was ready to submit its outcomes to the EFQM.

“This prestigious award is a testament to the vision of our Kingdom’s wise leadership and their continuous support towards the pursuit of excellence.” Says Acting General Director of TRA, Shaikh Nasser Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa.

“It’s an honor for the TRA to be  thefirst organization to receive this award for all its directorates in Bahrain, and we welcome the opportunity to share our experience with any organization seeking to achieve the same.” He continued. 

Also commenting in the ceremony, EFQM CEO, Russel Longmuir stated:

“Normally it would take an organization 3 years to increase by a star, and in a very short journey the TRA managed to get 4 stars, which is a pretty amazing achievement.”

He further added that “ I have to say how important this is. In 31 years we have assessed more than 50,000 organizations and TRA is the first to have a remote site visit. They are world leaders in that sense and I have to congratulate them for their agility, and their response to this massive challenge we are facing. To accept that challenge and move forward with a remote site visit, and still deliver 4 stars is a phenomenal achievement”

Founded in 1989, EFQM is the world’s foremost leader in management frameworks, fusing data-driven insights, curated learning and development and networking opportunities for the benefit of organizations worldwide.