Doors of restaurants and cafes will open for customers tomorrow to provide services in the outside open areas. This would be according to the decision of the coordination committee to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

The committee’s decision stipulated the immediate closure of any restaurant or café that does not comply with the requirements and medical obligations set by the committee and the Health Ministry. 

Requirements and medical obligations in the decision like not providing any internal services, maintaining social distancing of two meters between the edge of each table and the other in all four directions, while allowing the use of only 50% of the table’s capacity, with a maximum of 5 customers per table.

According to the decision, all restaurants and cafes must adhere to confining serving food and drinks to customers at their tables, and prohibiting the introduction of a “buffet”. The decision also stipulated that all customers must wear masks during entry and during exit to and from the restaurant or cafe, and those who do not comply with this condition are not allowed to enter. Finally, restaurants and cafes must record contact information, the date and time of the visit, for the customers to whom services are provided in the restaurant or coffee shop.