A proposal to raise the fine of not wearing a face-mask in public places from BD5 to BD20 was submitted by a number of MPs. This went viral and received massive against and with comments. 

MPs, Masouma Abdulrahim, Ibrahim Al-Nafiei, Basem Al-Maliki, and Ahmed Al-Ansari, said that submitting the proposal aimed at supporting national efforts to combat the emerging COVID-19.

A prominent MP to submit the proposal, Masouma Abdulrahim, noted that the proposal was an affirmation of the importance of preserving the health of citizens and residents. As well as, she added, supporting national efforts to combat the COVID-19.

She indicated that the proposal would contribute to reducing the level of infection with the COVID-19 and reaching the goal of eliminating the pandemic in a way that restores economic activity and normal life in the Kingdom. 

It is noteworthy that face-mask violations reached high levels as it exceeded 23000 (23729) in public places since the wearing face-mask was made mandatory decision was implemented


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