A number of MPs proposed a law to add a new Article to Law No. 17 of 2015 regarding protection from domestic violence, which aims to strengthen penalties for withholding or leniency in reporting cases of domestic violence to official authorities.

This amendment to the law comes by adding a new article as a result of the law’s lack to penalties for failing to implement this obligation, which grants every victim of domestic violence or any family member the right to step forward and report on the incident of domestic violence, the article requires everyone who is aware of an incident of domestic violence by virtue of his work, either in medical or educational sector, to inform the Public Prosecution or the police station of what they know about the incident.

The new article states, that abusing this law shall result in a fine that is not less than two hundred dinars and not more than two thousand dinars if refuses to report on domestic violence incidents, and the penalty shall be detention that is no less than one year and the fine not less than one thousand dinars while not more than two thousand dinars, or either of these two penalties if the incident results in death or permanent disability.

This law proposal comes by adding a new punitive article to the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence and stipulates a penalty imposed on those who show leniency to report any crime that can be classified domestic violence and which get exposed to a person by virtue of his work, whether if practicing a medical or educational profession.

The proposed memorandum clarified that the Family and Child Prosecution at the Public Prosecution handles many reports related to domestic violence and its tragic consequences, which pushes to tighten the screws on these cases, especially if the act of violence is committed against a child.