A Bahraini driver survived his burning car as the Civil Defense managed to put it out at the right time, the Ministry of Interior announced through its official social media accounts. 

The General Directorate of Civil Defense did not reveal any official information about the incident that occurred today afternoon on Crown Prince Street in Riffa. 

The preliminary information indicated that the driver was smart enough to report the incident the moment it happened. The General Directorate of Civil Defense’s rescue team assured that there were no injuries and the cause was thought to be a short circuit in the car’s engine.

The Ministry of the Interior assured that everything was under control and the necessary official procedures were taken by concerned authorities. 

The ministry urged all drivers to take maximum precautions in general and those regarding electricity connections in particular to avoid dangerous incidents that might put souls in danger.

It is worth mentioning that this type of incidents increased within the past months. Many comments on social media demanded to know the causes of what they called a phenomenon and others demanded training courses to be given to drivers on this matter or an awareness campaign on ways to survive when the car is on fire.