The Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS), concludes on Monday, 14th September, "Ya Beirut" Booth event held at the City Center-Bahrain Mall. This initiative was launched in solidarity with the Lebanese people after the explosion in Port of Beirut on the 4th of August, which killed over a hundred, injured thousands, and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

The Red Crescent has entrusted managing this Booth to some of its volunteers who took the initiative to familiarize the complex’s visitors with the efforts exerted by the Red Crescent in providing relief and humanitarian aid to the needy and afflicted in Beirut.

Mr. Ali Kadhem, head of Public Relations Committee of the Bahrain Red Crescent, said:

"Booth is characterized by the enthusiastic commitment of our volunteers, who alternate to manage it for a period of two weeks, every day from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. This initiative, that aims to mobilize the Bahraini society to contribute in the BRCS’ effort and back up our Lebanese brothers during their ordeal, saw a considerable interaction by the famous Social Media names in Bahrain.”

Within the same context, the Bahrain Red Crescent cooperated with the "Calmmess” a Bahraini group dedicated to painting and fine art lovers, to extend their exhibition entitled “Let us Gather with Art and Love for Beirut” that is taking place at the gate number 4 of City Center-Bahrain Mall in Al-Manama. A host of artists and amateurs took part in the exhibition, assigning the sale of their works proceeds to the BRCS, which will send these donations to the Lebanese Red Cross Society (LRCS).

This event by Calmmess brought together 20 painting lovers of all ages. They cooperated to disseminate a love and hope message and support those who got affected by the catastrophe of Beirut. Ameena Ahmed Majed and Danah Naser Al Sayed, the founders of Calmmess, said:

“The number of participants reflects the talents and capabilities in spreading peace and togetherness for a humanitarian cause. It also sheds light on the promising Bahraini talents. This is the first art exhibition curated by our Group, and we trust the chances of being in even bigger exhibitions in the future.”

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society was quick to provide aid to those affected by the explosion in the Beirut port when it occurred and extended a helping hand within the framework of the available resources. It works in continuous coordination with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Lebanese Red Cross and partners in the international movement to assess the humanitarian situation in Beirut and provide continuous support.