The Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by the Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication, has participated in the Arab Meteorological Day which is observed on September 15.

The celebration this year is considered a milestone in joint Arab work in the meteorological field as it marks the 50th anniversary of the resolution issued by the Arab League, at the ministerial level, to set up the Arab Permanent Committee on Meteorology on September 15, 1970. The committee aims to unify efforts and goals in this vital scientific field.

Meteorological Director Bassim Al Asfoor affirmed that the Arab League’s Arab Permanent Committee on Meteorology and Climate took “Climate and the Safety of the Society” as a slogan for this year as climate is considered an essential element in people’s life. He added people’s safety has greatly been connected to natural conditions surrounding them in which climate represents a main element. He noted that the world has recently known a drastic climate change that is causing many natural disasters like floods, drought and hurricanes. This, he pointed out, has directly affected the safety of the societies and the life of the people.