Saturday 19th of June 2021
Two dead as rare Mediterranean hurricane-like storm batters western Greece
Two people died as a rare storm, known as a Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane), pounded central Greece on Saturday, flooding streets and homes, the authorities said.
Indian Embassy marks ITEC Day virtually in Bahrain
The 56th Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Day was celebrated across the world on Tuesday virtually. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ITEC Day was celebrated through online mode by organizing soc...
Husband lured wife's lover to his death at his farm, court hears
A builder lured his wife's lover to a remote farm before murdering him and disposing of his body, a court has heard.
Number of high-risk drinkers has 'doubled since lockdown' as millions more turn to alcohol
The number of people drinking at high-risk levels has almost doubled since just before the UK's lockdown, experts have warned.
Kanye West tweets he is 'the new Moses' in attack on 'slave ship' music industry and NBA
Kanye West has said he is "the new Moses" and that "the music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships".
30 minutes to arrest two pickpockets
Director-General of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science announced on Monday the arrest of two men, 21 and 30, for force robbery of a woman’s bag while she was walking in the Seef district.
2000 BHD penalty for failing to report domestic violence
A number of MPs proposed a law to add a new Article to Law No. 17 of 2015 regarding protection from domestic violence, which aims to strengthen penalties for withholding or leniency in reporting cases...
Turkey’s capital Ankara hit by freak sandstorm, six people injured
A freak sandstorm hit Ankara on Saturday, the Turkish capital’s mayor said, as officials said six people were injured after strong winds.
Seized Shrimps in good hands
Undersecretary for Municipal Affairs Dr. Nabeel Mohammed Abu Al fateh, stated to Al-Bilad that the quantities of illegal shrimping are seized by the Coast Guards, thus they are transferred to the fish...
More than 50 killed at collapsed gold mine following landslide in eastern Congo
More than 50 people are dead after landslides collapsed three artisanal gold mining wells near the city of Kamituga in eastern Congo’s South Kivu province on Friday, officials said.
Flaming haircut puts French salon under fire after stylist attempts viral stunt
A man who went to a French hair salon walked out with a burnt forehead that forced him off work for a week after his stylist attempted an Egyptian burning technique he hadn’t actually mastered
Villagers in northern India demand ransom after holding crocodile hostage
Villagers in northern India were initially alarmed when they found a crocodile lurking in the local pond. But then they hatched a plan -- to demand a ransom

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